Planted potatoes & Set Up My Dad’s Light Box Today


Early this a.m., amid the raindrops and with the only Root day this week, I planted a row of Kennebec potatoes from Irish Spring.  Yesterday, Mr. Wayne McHenry, who made the Potting Bench last week, completely revamped my Dad’s, Frederick Wm. Bonhage, light box which he made of cherry wood – about 50 years ago for his African Violets.  The top shelf has the Rose Scented Geranium Raedjio, Bill and I took cuttings from about a month and a half ago, the shelf under that has pepper plants and Genovese Basil, the shelf below that has Red Fox Basil, and the shelf under that has the tall growing Blue Spice basil.  It has grown so tall that yesterday I cut it down to make pesto with.  It was excellent – with Parmesan Raegiano, Mozzerello, Olive Oil, garlic, pepper and a little salt.

Second & Centre Cafe Josh, Erica and Andrea Evans

I am growing the basils for Second & Center Cafe’s Tuscan Turkey Wrap.  Have you had one of their wraps yet?  They are delicious.


W.V. Herb Association Sponsors the Lavender Fair with Scholarships for Youth

The W V Herb Association is sponsoring a youth or college student’s  Half fee ($25) per student for the 9th Lavender Fair-  There will be  10- $ 25.  scholarships available-  To be eligible you need to be a youth ( 12-25 years old) attending the Lavender fair.   The W V Herb Association would be happy to pay for half of your registration. 


WV Herb Association logo

We are encouraging students interested in the topics presented at the Lavender Fair to come and participate by mentoring one session of one of the Children’s Programs on either Saturday, June 21st or Sunday, June 22nd.  The Scholarship covers registration, including the luncheon by three fine local chefs.  Please contact Myra at for details and application


Making Lavender Wands With Melissa Dennison at the Fair


Melissa Dennison, President of the WV Herb Association and member of the Lavender Fair Planning Committee will give her Lavender Wand Making Workshop several times each day of the Fair.  It is always well attended.  She will also have her wonderful herb, flower and vegetable plants for sale as well as bushes and trees.  Her booth will be at the Potting Bench (now being painted after being rebuilt by Mr. Wayne McHenry.IMG_8945

More information on visit by

From Jacoba of

We are Original Moxie, a Michigan-based natural hair care brand  with a full line of   products serving a diverse range of hair types.  We have a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and a passion for botanical ingredients and essential oils.

 We are celebrating our 5th year of business with a series of journeys to connect with our roots.  Our ‘Original Roots Tour’ is primarily about connecting with our customers and spotlighting the natural ingredients that make our products so effective and beautiful. We will be filming, blogging, and posting along the way and plan to use much of the material we capture as part of a major marketing campaign that will be used for years to come.  Although we are kicking off our travels with a visit to the East Coast this May, the campaign will last for just over  a year so that we have time to visit all parts of the US and to develop meaningful connections in each locale.

We discovered your Essential Oil Distillery via a Google search and were incredibly excited to find a farm such as yours in a destination we could visit during our trip to the East Coast.  Aside from our interest in learning more about the growing, harvesting, and distillation process, we are also eager to sample your essential oils, hydrosols and the herbs that you farm and to explore the possibility of sourcing some of our ingredients from you.

 We will have a small crew of three and will be filming and photographing with very minimal equipment.  Any footage that we are able to capture will  help us to promote importance of sustainable farming and of locally sourced ingredients – something about which we care very deeply.   Should you permit us to take photographs and film, we will be absolutely sure to clarify that we do not (yet) purchase our ingredients from your farm.   We are also happy to abide by any restrictions or non-disclosures that you feel may be necessary to safeguard the integrity of your operations.

Lavender Picking at La Paix

This is my good friend and volunteer, Liz Jerrett, cutting lavender blossoms at La Paix.

Jacoba also stated they are quite interested in my stinging nettle – see for details of my research on stinging nettle.  We will be distilling stinging nettle for the video.

Potting Bench Getting Ready for Lavender Fair and more


Yesterday I started painting the potting bench – getting ready for the Lavender Fair.  I couldn’t reach all the way – so finished there.  Will ask my son to paint up high!


This is the Black Twig Allegheny Heritage tree blooming now.  Isn’t it beautiful?


Sarah Bonnett, my helper, and I set up the distillery for the video that will be taken here on Saturday, May 3rd by cosmetic company – who will be visiting and touring La Paix.

Helen at distiller 2013

This is Helen Caldwell, my former apprentice in 2001 and now forever friend.  She posed by the distillery last summer when she and Judith Vojik, also a former apprentice visited.

Angie and Jamie bigger

This is Angela and Jamie Siebold, my new apprentices who will be coming here from Baltimore two weekends a month.  Angela will be conducting the Sunflower Children’s Program and Jamie will be conducting a make and take carpentry Children’s Program during the Lavender Fair on June 21st and June 22nd.  Lots of work to be done.  Will keep you posted! for registration!

Kelli Maw Maw Hughart Armes Tree I.D. walk and talk


Kelli Maw Maw HugharIMG_5196t Armes will conduct a tree identification walk and talk at the Lavender Fair on both days, June 21st and 22nd, 2014.  She will discuss what medicines can be made from the trees that grace the 110 acres of sustainable woods, meadows and gardens that comprise La Paix Herb Farm.  Kelli is an herbalist, Raptor Rescuer, and full of wisdom and energy.  She represents the best of West Virginia keepers of the soil, the mountains, the valleys and its natural inhabitants.

Press Release: Weston Democrat and Other WV Media

Press Release: For Immediate Release: March 26, 2014
Re: The Lavender Fair Returns to La Paix Herb Farm
To: All Media
From: Myra Bonhage-Hale, Steward (304) 269-7681
The Ninth Annual Lavender Fair at La Paix returns on Saturday, June 21st and Sunday, June 22nd, 2014. The theme, “Choose Love” features three tracks of workshops, walks, talks and demonstrations each day. The track Honoring the Earth will explore topics such as Edible Wild Plants and Wild Mushroom Foraging, and each day a program for Children will focus on Making and Taking a project that connects them with the wonderful West Virginia trees, plants, birds and rocks. The track We Are All Connected will focus on Walking the Labyrinth at La Paix, Dowsing and Existential You with the Children’s Program illustrating how we are all connected. The third track Just Herbs will focus on Growing, Tending and Preparing herbs, Medicinal Herbs and a Children’s practical workshop on potting herbs to take home and plant. There will be six workshops in each track each day. In addition, the Lavender Cookie Contest will be held each day, Making Lavender Wands, live music, Luncheon created by three fine local chefs – 2nd and Centre Café, Thyme Bistro and the Pink Moon, booths representing the presenters in all three tracks and of course, the Lavender will be blooming.
After this long hard seemingly never-ending winter, looking forward to warm summer days of enticing fragrances, spirited, wise and friendly people is greatly to be wished for. Registration is $50. For the entire day and is limited to 100 persons each day. Participants are encouraged to come in two-a-car or more. Registration is now open at More information on the Fair may be found at and La Paix Herb Farm on Facebook. Picture1