See La Paix Herb Farm’s Facebook Page for photos of Lavender Fair

Check out my facebook page La Paix Herb Farm for photos of events, people and nature at the Lavender Fair last Saturday.

I may have a very interesting project – well worth while – in the future.  Keep posted!IMG_7426

Photo of Back Gate of Feng Shui Garden. La Paix Herb Farm – have to go distilling lemon balm!

Finding Answers in the Heart and Cooking With Herbs For Health With An Asian Flair to be presented at Lavender Fair 2014.

Register for the Lavender Fair June 21st, 2014 by mailing check for $25. to La Paix Herb Farm 3052 Crooked Run Rd. Alum Bridge, WV 26321.

In the track entitled “We Are All Connected”  Paula Flint will present Finding Answers in the Heart at the Lavender Fair on Saturday, June 21st. She is a Life Coach, member of the ECK clergy and offers Spiritual Services. She is co-author of the book now carried in FAITh.



Paula Flint

Paula Flint, Life Coach

Laura Yokochi, my friend for many years beginning in the WV Herb Association, is a professor at Fairmont State University and she will present “Cooking with Herbs With An Asian Twist”. Samples will be served. Please register now for the Lavender Fair by mailing check for $25./person to La Paix Herb Farm, 3052 Crooked Run Rd., Alum Bridge, WV 26321.


Anne Romance, Wayne McHenry, Laura Yokochi, Bill Hale and Barb Tims-Wright make magic with the water filter at La Paix – in the process of being refurbished.  Anne will present both Walking the Labyrinth and Making Herbal Tinctures at the Lavender Fair, Wayne is my wonderful helper, who can do anything – put on screen doors, fix water filters, make benches, make tables, make awful jokes.  Laura is in the middle while Bill Hale, my son, who will be the gatekeeper at the Fair and Barbe Tims-Wright, my fantastic helper in gardens and Fair also salute the water filter.  I guess that’s what they’re doing!

I have worked very hard and talked with lots of people and chosen the presenters and the tops with great care.  The overall theme of the Lavender Fair is “Choose Love”  and the three tracks plus a children’s program (under 12 free with adult supervisor) are:  Honoring the Earth, We Are All Connected and Just Herbs.

I hope you support this effort to show what West Virginia could be if we did honor the earth and the people who live and learn and teach here.  Please do us the honor.  Myra Bonhage-Hale Steward of La Paix.  Alum Bridge, West Virginia


Come Walk the Labyrinth at La Paix on Saturday, June 21st at the Lavender Fair.

Bring an issue with you to resolve or learn about when you walk the labyrinth.  Stop in the La Paix Shop for instructions or walk it anyway you like.  It brings peace as does the newly renovated picnic area under the Psychic Tree at La Paix.

Lavender Fair 2014 Anne Romance



Anne Romance will conduct the Labyrinth Walk on Saturday, June 21st. Register now for the 9th Annual Lavender Fair at La Paix Herb Farm, 3052 Crooked Run Rd., Alum Bridge,WV. 26321 – $25. per person. Of Walking the Labyrinth, Ann says ,”There are many ways to walk thelabyrinth, each one with intention, being focused, resting in the center, then returning to the outer world. Whether one chooses to walk in a Zen like fashion with an empty mind, in a prayerful state, or with a specific issue seeking guidance, you will experience calmness, clarity and perspective.
In this presentation, after a short informational talk, participants will walk the labyrinth, enjoying this spiritual practice in this sacred space.”

Anne will also give a workshop on Making Tinctures!

Lavender Cookie Contest at Lavender Fair – Winner Gets $25. of La Paix Herb Farm’s products

Lavender Fair Cookie Contest Deonna Crowe with winner

Those registered for the Lavender Fair may enter the Lavender Cookie Contest with a sample of their cookies and the recipe.  Judges will decide who wins $25. worth of merchandise in the La Paix Herb Farm Shop which features hydrosols of Lavender, Lemon Balm, Rose Scented Geranium and more, in addition to Passionate Gardener’s Hand Cream, Honey Lips Lip Balm, Perfume creams, Comfrey Comfort Salve  and essential oils. To register, send check for $25. to La Paix Herb Farm, 3052 Crooked Run Rd., Alum Bridge, WV 26321.  Photo is of Deonna Crowe who won many of the contests in the past Lavender Fairs.

Registration on Website for Lavender Fair 2014 is closed. But you can still register at

La Paix Herb Farm, 3052 Crooked Run Rd., Alum Bridge, WV 26321.  60 people are now coming to the Fair.  Register soon.  Send check for $25. per person – please let me know if you have children under 12 years of age coming with you.  They are free and there are Children’s Make and Takes each session…..  If physically challenged, please let Bill know at the gate and you may drive up to the door.  Be aware that this is a working farm with wood walks which can be difficult to traverse.  Hope to see you at the Fair.  If any questions, ask on my Facebook pages or email me at Bathtub in the Garden #10

Fifty-eight and counting coming to the Lavender Fair

Lavender Fair chefs Geoff Kraus

So far, early today, we have 58 people coming to the Lavender Fair.  Registration is limited  to 100 people (as parking is limited) so please, if you are planning to come to the Fair, Register today at !

Photo is of Geoff Kraus, the ala carte chef at the Fair in 2014 – this was taken of Geoff at the Lavender Fair 2006 at La Paix.  He is a superlative chef!