Hydrosols, Essential Oils, Passionate Gardener’s Hand Cream, Comfrey Comfort, and Dowsing Rods Oh My!


Getting Ready for the WV Herb Association Fall Festival this weekend at Jackson’s Mill, Jane Lew, Lewis County West Virginia.  Not only will I be participating in the Labyrinth Making but I will also be giving an interactive Weed Workshop too!  Here’s my booth – showing the Hydrosols of Lavender, Lemon Balm,Apple, Sweet Annie, Rose Scented Geranium and Basil I will have for sale.  Also for sale will be Essentials of Lavender, Peppermint and Patchouli, Weed Workshop Posters, Comfrey Comfort Salve, Passionate Gardener’s Hand Cream and

Dowsing Rods.





There are so many wonderful, unique and varied vendors, workshops and presenters of great wisdom and knowledge, people you want to have as friends and an ambiance of love and giving and peace and joy.




and the lovely people!  Come join us!

Members of the WV Herb Association Welcome You to the Fall Festival!

Members of the WV Herb Association Welcome You to the Fall Festival!


Weed Workshop at WV Herb Fall Festival

The Steward of La Paix Herb Farm (that’s me Myra Bonhage-Hale) will be presenting an interactive Workshop at the WV Herb Association Fall Festival 2014 at Jackson’s Mill in Lewis County, WV on Friday, Sept. 26th.  The title is “WV Weeds What Are They Good For?” BYO (Bring Your Own).  and I am asking that participants bring their favorite WV weed and tell about it to the others present and be photographed and videotaped for later viewing.

Another aspect of the workshop will be the introduction of sixteen photos of WV weeds found at La Paix Herb Farm (don’t ask, don’t conjecture).


The cards, on orange label sticks will be distributed around the room and each participant may name and tell about on the card in back of the photo (see below for example).


WV Weeds workshop poke weed better photo

WV Weeds workshop rich weed photo better

WV Weeds workshop vine on bathroom wall better

Do you know which WV weeds are depicted here?

Let me know!

See you at the WV Herb Festival on this coming Friday, Sept. 26th.

Click on to Members and Friends of the WV Herb Association for Registration Information.

At the request of a massage therapist – here are my hydrosols!



Hydrosols A Multitude of Uses card p. 1 Hydrosols A Multitude of Uses p2 and 3 Hydrosols A Multitude of Uses p. 4 card

All my hydrosols are from plants grown at La Paix Herb Farm using organic methods.  They are distilled here in a distillery I purchased from the Essential Oil Company as part of a Grant I received from the USDA Sustainable Agriculture program in 2000.  Grant details are on my old website at  www.lapaixherbfarm.com.


Hydrosols - Lavender - label


Due to a crop failure this year (a terrible winter) only a limited amount of the 200 or so lavender plants I had for over 12 years have survived.  I have been able to get plugs for at least 150 new plants from those remaining and did do one distillation this summer.  Therefore, I must charge $20 per bottle (8 oz) for the lavender until the new lavender grows large enough to distill (about two years).


Hydrosols - Apple label

All other hydrosols shown here (there will be more this fall) are priced at $15. per 8 oz. spray bottle plus shipping.  Minimum order 3 bottles.

Sweet Annie Hydrosol is being distilled now – and will be available soon.  8 oz. for $15.


Hydrosol label - Rose Scented Geranium

Rose Scented Geranium can be mixed with Lavender Hydrosol for an overall balancing and relaxing effect while being a wonderful scent!

Hydrosol label - lemon balm

 Lemon Balm Hydrosol is great for bee stings and poison ivy rash.  Carry some with you in the garden for immediate relief!

Hydrosols Basil best label

 Basil hydrosol (packaged in a spray bottle) has a wonderful energizing aroma – it is considered to be balancing to the nervous system.

My new shopping cart is being prepared for orders right now.  However, in the meantime, if you would to order some of my hydrosols (and I do run out) now, please email me at lapaix@frontier.com as to how many and what of hydrosols you want and I will mail you a bill – then you can pay me by check to my mailing address which will be on the emailed bill to you.  For wholesale, which is quite limited, please email me at lapaix@frontier.com.

I am very proud of my hydrosols which have been selling for twelve or more years now.  Joy, Love and Peace, the Steward of La Paix Herb Farm, Myra Bonhage-Hale.

Hydrosols Sweet Annie label better

I will be selling my hydrosols next weekend at the WV Herb Association Fall Festival on Sept. 26th and 27th at Jackson’s Mill, Jane Lew, Lewis County West Virginia.  See other blogs on this blog for details.  Hope to see you there!  I will be giving two workshops – one on Walking the Labyrinth and the other on WV Weeds Bring Your Own!

WV Herb Association Fall Festival 2014

WVHA Fall Festival 2014 Press Release #4

Press Release

To:  All Media

From:  Myra Bonhage-Hale, Public Relations, WV Herb Association Fall Festival 2014 (304) 269-7681, lapaix@frontier.com\

Re:  WV Herb Association Fall Festival 2014

For Immediate Release:  September 21, 2014

The WV Herb Association Fall Festival 2014 will take place on Friday and Saturday, September 26th and 27th at Jackson’s Mill, in Jane Lew, Lewis County, West Virginia.  “A variety of speakers will talk of the many aspects of herbs growing in West Virginia which enrich our lives immeasurably by giving us so many opportunities to know them.  Savor those which are edible, herbs which are medicinal, herbs which make you pretty and  herbs that might make you rich!”, states Melissa Dennison, president of the Association.

Melissa adds. “We have spent months choosing those presenters who best represent all the aspects of herbal lore in West Virginia and hope you join us here in celebration of their importance to us all.”

One of the workshops, to be held on Friday afternoon, is with Myra Bonhage-Hale, steward of La Paix Herb Farm in Alum Bridge, W.V.  The subject is “West Virginia Weeds, Bring Your Own (BYO)”.  Myra asks that participants bring their own favorite weeds and tell what they are good for.  Each person bringing their favorite will be photographed and videotaped for future presentations.  Some of the weeds to be featured are:  Stonewort, Gill over the Ground, Stinging Nettle, Butterwort, Stitchwort, Joe Pie Weed, Iron Weed and more.  “So come and bring your own favorite WV weed – the only reason it is called a weed is that we don’t know what it is good for.  Let’s find out together!”, says Myra.


One of the Many Weeds of West Virginia – Milkweed – What Is It Good For?


Another weed – Lobelia!  What Is It Good For?

Another speaker on Friday will be James McCormick, who is the Director of the WV Warriors and Veterans in Agriculture, part of the WV Dept. of Agriculture.  James is very concerned about the need for alternative therapies for Veterans with PTSD and will talk about the efficacy of bee keeping, growing vegetables and herbs, aromatherapy and other forms of therapy being discovered and developed to help those Veterans. McCormick, a retired service-injured veteran of the Iraq War, purchased his farm several years ago and started McCormick’s Enterprises LLC in 2006. In 2011, he created its nonprofit farm, which works with veterans, particularly those recovering from wartime injuries, to teach them how to farm and perhaps help them to establish their own farms.

WVVeterans in Ag James McCormick photo

“I’ve been working with veterans ever since I came home from Iraq in April 2005,” he said. “What went into Raising Cane Farms is watching for six or seven years what veterans needed.”  For more information, see https://www.facebook.com/pages/Veterans-and-Warriors-to-Agriculture/175925942616220


  WV Veterans in Ag. bees and honey photo

Photos:  WV Veterans in Agriculture – Bee Project    James McCormick:  Director WV Veterans in Ag.

Marcia Laska will be presenting a workshop at the WV Herb Association Fall Festival on Artemesia, the herb of the year.  Find out all about this interesting herb of many forms.


WVHA Fall Fest. Marcia Laska

Marcia Laska (left) in the field

Mimi Hernandez is the Keynote Speaker – who will present on Friday afternoon and evening.   She comes from a background as a clinical herbalist, educator, and ethnobotanist. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the American Herbalists Guild.

Mimi Hernandez photo

To register for either or both days, Melissa Dennison 602 Blessing Rd. Clem, WV 26623   (304) 364-5589 Dot Montgillion (304) 269-6416 1289 Smoke Camp Rd. Weston, WV 26452.  More information may be found on Facebook Members and Friends of the WVHA: https://www.facebook.com/groups/371954162876625/  

How Much Water Do You Need to Frack a Marcellus Shale Well?

Fracking Poster #1

Fracking Poster #2

Consol Energy Meeting With Lewis County Residents

Open House For Lewis County Residentshttp://http://www.wboy.com/story/26551589/consol-energy-brings-10-year-plan-to-lewis-county

Check out these links to find answers to the questions I wanted to ask Consol Energy at the Meeting which turned out to be a one on one talk with 30 Consol employees – 500 people attending.  I don’t have any answers.  I still have lots of questions.




Which do you prefer?

Do you like what I said on the TV news programs?  What would you have said?

Listen to PBS radio WV tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. for Fracking La Paix

Roxy Todd, admirable reporter for WV PBS radio in the morning interviewed the steward of La Paix (that’s me – Myra Bonhage-Hale), my son William Nicoll Hale III and my granddaughter Aijah in addition to neighbors, elected officials and more to deliver a report on WV PBS tomorrow at 7:30 a.m.  Tomorrow will be Tuesday, Sept. 16th, 2014.  Also tomorrow night, there will be a meeting with Consol Gas and Oil officials at the Assembly Hall at Jackson’s Mill, Jane,Lew, Lewis County WV 6 to 8 p.m. to discuss their plans for Lewis County.  I have been told that those plans include drilling 288 Marcellus Shale wells in Lewis County.  Lewis County is composed of 389 sq. miles, most of which is rural, farms and small towns.



Roxy Todd, Reporter for WV PBS in La Paix Herb Farm’s Shop.

I understand it takes 16 million gallons of water to drill one fracking well – where will it come from?  And when it is contaminated with about 265 chemicals, some proprietary (that means they don’t have to tell you what’s in it) where will they dump it?


Roxy also interviewed my son, William Nicoll Hale and his daughter, Aijah, who picked three beautiful tomatoes from her garden at La Paix.


Roxy paused to record the cassette I purchased to play for those involved in fracking.  The hymn is “Holy Holy Holy” and I hope it lets everyone know that we are all connected, that we all have love in us, that we have common concerns and we need to respect one another, the earth, the air and the water – because we all need some of the same things.  This is in La Paix’s shop.

La Paix Garden Big from east looking west       Fracking images 2.

And just to remind you – on the left is one of the organic gardens at La Paix in Lewis County and on the right is a fracking pad in Clarksburg WV, the county north of us.

If you can come to the meeting tomorrow at Jackson’s Mill, Lewis County W.V. near Jane Lew.  Called by the Consol Gas and Oil Corp. it is said to be a meeting to let those in Lewis County know what their plans are.

I have three questions to ask at that meeting:  1)  How many marcellus shale wells do you plan to drill in Lewis County?  2)  How many gallons of water does it take to drill each well?  Where does it come from and where do you put the contaminated remains?  3)  What are your obligations to National Historic Registered properties like La Paix Herb Farm (see my old web site http://www.lapaixherbfarm.com and click on Historic Registration for details).

Hope to see you there – if it is too far away, I hope you look into what is happening in your area.  I hope you ask questions.  I hope you make sure of the answers.  Love, Myra