Fracking La Paix – a WVU Journalism student makes a video.   

Click on or copy and paste the link.  I look every bit my age – this kind of think does age you.  So many stresses all at once.  The appraiser is here today.  Please share this video – I am not the only one – there are many like me – and there will be many more if this travesty of fracking continues – ruining the water, the air, the soil, the health and people’s lives and property.  Greed run rampant.  Machieveli rules!


La Paix is part of the light.

Please see this print article done by Jim Cat Scott for his Journalism final project – he graduated on December 19th!  Congratulations, Jim Cat!



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My hydrosols, made in my distillery here, a result of a USDA Sustainable Research Farm Grant, are all made from herbs, twigs and leaves either organically grown here or from the trees and weeds (?) that grow here and are wild crafted at La Paix where no pesticides or herbicides have been used for 34 some years.

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The Greeting Cards are made from paintings of the beautiful flowers, herbs, trees and people who grow here.

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