About La Paix Herb Farm

What is La Paix Herb Farm?

La Paix (means Peace in French) is the dream of it’s Steward, Myra Bonhage-Hale.  A dream which began in Baltimore in the late 1970’s.  A dream which led to buying an abandoned farm and farmhouse in the heart of West,by God, Virginia in 1981.  Nestled in the surrounding hills, like a baby in a papoose, La Paix has become a place of many gardens, much laughter, learning and peace. Now 110 acres of gardens, homestead, woods, caves, creeks, wildlife, fauna and sylvan paths, it is a sanctuary and an inspiration to others who dream of a home in the country. The Annual Lavender Fair began in 2003 and has become a highlight of La Paix’s herbal journey.

La Paix’s homestead has been approved as a National Historic Site. 

Visit the original website for more information.


2 thoughts on “About La Paix Herb Farm

  1. Hi Myra; Tom Berlin here. Jeff at NRCS says you are looking for goldenseal roots for planting. I am planning to harvest a bunch this year of roots and maybe seeds for sale and for expanding my plantings. Let me know if you are interested. Phone is 304 871 3638. email = tberlinrocks@gmail.com. Sorry about putting this in general comments, but did not find other fast contact info on your site. Been following your events and progress over the last few years. You’ve been doing wonderful things.

    • Tom tried to call you – I am interested although I am doing the ramps instead over a 5 year period for the NCRS (USDA) grant. Would like to buy some goldenseal from you – just to experiment. Are you at all interested in a project with Veterans – meeting here next week. email me at lapaix@frontier.com if interested.

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